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Terrascope Radio

Here we feature the work of freshmen – these are the final pieces produced over a semester for subject SP.360 – Terrascope Radio.

May 2008 Iceland: Volcanoes, Geysers and Fish, Oh My!

icelandA visit to the fisheries of Iceland leads Terrascopers deeper into an exploration of Icelanders’ relationship with land and sea, ranging from their strong and ancient folk traditions to the ultra-modern use of geothermal power.

First aired: Spring Semester, 2008 ·
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May 2006 Valdivia: Stories of Survival

chile1Terrascopers travel to southern Chile and report on three survival stories they find there: Survival of a unique ecosystem, cultural survival of native populations and personal survival during a devastating earthquake and tsunami.

First aired: Spring Semester, 2006 ·
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