Terrascope Academic Year:

In the fall term (Subject 12.000 “Solving Complex Problems”), Terrascope students work in teams to develop solutions to their Mission and present these solutions to a panel of decision-makers and experts. In the spring term, students have the chance to design and prototype specific technologies that address problems they have identified in Subject 2.00C/1.016/EC.746 (“Design for Complex Environmental Issues”). In a separate class (Subject SP.360, “Terrascope Radio”), students create a radio program that communicates their ideas to the wider public. Additionally, a spring-break trip enables students to travel to see first hand the problem they have been working on all year.

Each Year’s Mission is Made of:

Solving Complex Problems

In the program’s cornerstone fall subject, 12.000, first-year students work as an interdisciplinary team to design a viable solution for the year’s Mission.


In the fall, students present their final design before a panel of experts and develop a website to provide a detailed description of their plan. Final projects for spring classes are presented at a Bazaar of Ideas and a public radio broadcast.

Spring Classes + Field Trip

Terrascope offers optional spring classes: SP.360 – Terrascope Radio, and 2.00C/1.016/EC.746 – Design for Complex Environmental Issues; and a week-long field trip over spring break.


Terrascope offers weekly lunches during the semester, other year-round outings and activities, and 24-hour access to the Terrascope lounge (located in the center of campus).

Missions and Spring Break Destinations: