Undergraduate Teaching Fellows

Undergraduate Teaching Fellows

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UTFs for 12.000 Solving Complex Problems:

Julia Wyatt '21

Course 2A-6 (Mechanical Engineering with Robotics)

Laura Chen '22

Course 10 (Chemical Engineering)

Neosha Narayanan '22

Course 3 (Materials Science and Engineering)

Jack Lin '23

Course 2 (Mechanical Engineering)

Jordan Sell '23

Course 18C (Mathematics with Computer Science)

Missy Hill '23

Courses 11 & 15-1 (Urban Studies and Planning and Managment)

Morgan Mayborne '23

Course 2 (Mechanical Engineering)

Nghiem Pham '23

Course 24 (Linguistics and Philosophy)

Alina Sarmiento '24

Course 2A (Mechanical Engineering--Learning Machines and Physical Systems)

Katherine Pan '24

Course 18 (Mathematics)

Max Burns '24

Course 2A (Mechanical Engineering--Biomechanics)

Nicole Harris '24

Course 20 (Biological Engineering)

Ozzie Marinez '24

Course 10-B (Chemical-Biological Engineering)

Sydney Kim '24

Course 2-OE (Mechanical & Ocean Engineering)