Undergraduate Teaching Fellows

Undergraduate Teaching Fellows

Terrascope draws students, faculty, staff and alumni who are committed to learning together.

Mission 2022 UTFs:

Brandon Wang (Mission 2019)

Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Ciera Gordon (Mission 2019)


Rockey (Quint) Hester (Mission 2019)

Aeronautics And Astronautics

Sherry Zhou (Mission 2020)


Caroline Boone (Mission 2021)

Mechanical Engineering

Charvi Gopal (Mission 2021)

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Christian Schillinger (Mission 2021)

Mechanical Engineering

Jade Fischer (Mission 2021)

Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences

Julia Wyatt (Mission 2021)

Mechanical Engineering

Richard Colwell (Mission 2021)

Materials Science and Engineering

Sarah Weidman (Mission 2021)

Civil and Environmental Engineering