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Terrascope Academic Year:

In the fall term (Subject 12.000 “Solving Complex Problems”), Terrascope students work in teams to develop solutions to their Mission and present these solutions to a panel of decision-makers and experts. In the spring term, students have the chance to design and prototype specific technologies that address problems they have identified in Subject 2.00C/1.016/EC.746 (“Design for Complex Environmental Issues”). In a separate class (Subject SP.360, “Terrascope Radio”), students create a radio program that communicates their ideas to the wider public. Additionally, a spring-break trip enables students to travel to see first hand the problem they have been working on all year. Students will gain new knowledge from the Terrascope experience, but more importantly, they will emerge uniquely prepared to tackle complex problems in interdisciplinary, student-led teams.

Mission 2023

Resilience + Recovery: Preparing for Major Storms in Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria had devastating effects on Puerto Rico, and the island is still in the process of recovery. Your task will be to develop proposals to make recovery from future major storms in Puerto Rico faster, more sustainable and more equitable. Using these proposals as a starting point, you will also suggest preparation strategies for other storm-threatened communities.

How to join:

When the MIT Advising Application goes live on June 1st, rank Terrascope as your first choice and you are good to go!

Do you have questions?  Ask us!

Reach out to the Terrascope team:  Director, David McGee; Lecturer, Ari Epstein; and Administrator, Elise Chambers.  Feel free to email all of us at the address: terrascope [at] mit [dot] edu or call and leave a voicemail at 617-253-4074 (we’ll call you back!).

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