Good Food, Good Mood

14 Apr 2019 Good Food, Good Mood

By Antonio Diaz, Mission 2022


Antonio (back left) waits with his classmates for his meal to arrive.

Before coming to the Navajo Nation, I had no idea what kind of foods I would be eating. The day after we arrived, I tried Navajo fry bread topped with beef, lettuce, tomato, and green chilies, and I immediately fell in love. Later on in the trip, we visited a family farm and got to roll out dough and make our own Navajo fry bread! I will definitely bring this recipe back home with me. On the farm we also ate steamed corn and lamb stew and some tamales, which were delicious. On the last day of our trip, we visited an organic family farm and ate chicken, corn, beans, and salad which were all grown on the farm. For dessert we ate homemade yogurt with honey, fresh blackberries, and pumpkin bread. It was great to learn about Navajo farming techniques and eat their traditional foods!