Class of 2027: Power Puzzle

Power Puzzle


This year’s students in subject 12.000 Solving Complex Problems were tasked to develop ways for individual towns, neighborhoods, factories, and schools in Puerto Rico to have secure access to resilient, sustainable electrical power.


The students presented their proposals in a final website and in a presentation on December 6, 2023.

The presentation can be viewed at the following link:


The Terrascope Class of 2027 presented their findings and recommendations to a distinguished panel including:

  • Ramphis Castro of Platform for Social Impact
  • Patricia Crumley, Geo-technical engineer, Jacobs (MIT ’03, M.Eng ’04)
  • Mabel Ramirez, Group Leader, Advanced Concepts and Technologies, MIT Lincoln Labs
  • Professor Geoffrey Vega, Professor of Electrical Engineering, University of Puerto Rico at Ponce
Student Website

Final Presentation

12.000 Topic