Class of 2026: Farming + Fresh Water

Photo credit: Joel Grimm

Farming + Fresh Water


Water is life. Tó éí iiná át’é. This year’s students in subject 12.000 Solving Complex Problems were tasked to to develop proposals consistent with or originating in Diné priorities to reduce pressures on clean water supplies.


The students presented proposals to increase agricultural productivity while protecting access to fresh water in Navajo Nation in their website and final presentation.


The Terrascope Class of 2026 presented their findings and recommendations to a distinguished panel including:

  • Emma Robbins – Executive Director of Navajo Water Project Dig Deep
  • Dr. Vicky Karanikola – Assistant Professor of Chemical and Environmental Engineering University of Arizona
  • Elvira Litson
  • Dr. Mark Sorensen – Lead Administrator of Navajo Schools, co-founder and Board President of Service to All Relations (STAR) School
Student Website

Final Presentation

12.000 Topic